"As a result of   Mary’s coaching, I discovered the things that I do that limited my   success."
Mike Hiller, CHFC, General Agent, Central Financial Services

"When I began coaching with Mary, I expected the sessions to be   good. I was wrong. They have been GREAT! She has helped to bring out the very   best in me. That’s truly what a qualified coach can do."
 Bill Sheridan, Training Director, AmerUs Life

  "Through coaching, I’ve changed how I think, work and view what I do in   my daily life. It empowers me to rise to the next level."
   Doug Flaute, Hartford Insurance

   "I’ve learned from Mary that goals are something to orient around, not   strive for."
   Bob Sumrall, New York Life

    "The value of coaching can be expressed for me in one very powerful life   changing word¾ Clarity."
   Jacqueline A. Wells, Financial Advisor

  "I have found Mary’s insights in coaching to be empowering, energizing   and activating. . .her style is an action-based methodology that works to   produce results."
   Dr. Wayne Koehler, Marshfield Clinic

"Coaching has   assisted in designing my life around my unique personality strengths."
Dan Zei, Business Financial Strategies

   "Mary’s coaching has been invaluable to me. I’ve been able to   completely transform my relationship with my employees in such a positive way   and at a critical time in the growth of my company."
Carolyn L. Smith, CEO,  Magnus & Co., Business  Marketers