About Us

Basic Individual Coaching Program

The focus of this process is primarily on increasing effectiveness   and performance capabilities.     The coaching process is effective because this high performing partnership   cultivates an environment where people can exercise their unique human   capacity to grow and change. As participants experience the power of the   coaching interaction, they more effectively create new habits, develop new   perspectives, increase confidence and desired results. In   addition, they improve their overall quality of living. 

Content Coaching

  Mary shares that during the last twelve years   of coaching she has noticed  the number of people who grow because of a   new concept, perception or idea. This process of reflective conversation is   a powerful and effective guide to increasing competencies for success. This   is an innovative discovery process that broadens perspective.   "The deeper the channel the greater the flow."   David Allen     (more ) 

The One-On-One Workshop Program

 This process is a content coaching approach (as   explained above) with a power point  as an added tool for facilitation.   This process is unique in that the reflective conversation is facilitated   with an added visual component. This process is highly effective for   increasing retention for the learning experience.