Coaching On Demand

Mary has been coaching professionals since 1988. She has noticed that business has taken over a greater portion of a persons life with high personal  cost.  Many professionals are finding themselves living to work instead of working to live.  As a result,  this  innovative coaching resource program for growing people, purpose and performance called “Coaching On Demand "  has evolved.  This resource is available for  the  challenging moments  when support ,brainstorming and encouragement become most valuable.

Designed as part of her unique coaching system or as a stand alone coaching resource, “Coaching On Demand”   builds a high performing partnership that can help you:

  • focus on increasing your effectiveness
  • enhance your performance capabilities in the most challenging moments
  • create an environment where you exercise your capacity to grow
  • affect your bottom line results
  • create a vision for the future

“Coaching On Demand” is a new coaching  resource system .   And now it is available to you as a member of an exclusive group of professionals. 

In the first step, Mary Duwe will provide you with a complimentary telephone coaching session that will cover such things as:

  • What is coaching?
  • How does this process work?
  • What can I expect?
  • What is strategy development?
  • What is my personal investment?

You will realize enormous value for releasing human potential. In addition,
this resource has transformational impact on the quality of performance by 

  • positive reinforcement 
  • problem-solving skills                 
  • accountability 
  • support

As you experience the trust and confidentiality of  the coaching interaction, you will more effectively evoke solutions to daily challenges and  implement the strategies more effortlessly.  In addition, you will recognize benefits and opportunities from the exploration of new approaches. 

The powerful driver of personal change is the environment of trust and support created with the coaching relationship.   If you are serious about making positive change in your life, then call right away for your complimentary  coaching session. 

 (715) 693-8002

Call today to begin your life-changing adventure


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